Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have MOQ’s of 15 units for branded clothing and headwear. 50 units for branded gifts & no specific MOQ on our display products. We do have a minimum invoice amount of R2500.00. This minimum amount can be grouped with clothing & promo gifts to reach the minimum amount needed.

Blueprint Promotions is not only a product supply company but service-driven as well. We believe that that small product supply doesn’t achieve the correct objectives when approaching your business promotions & marketing. We encourage grouping your product order to achieve a better outcome for your marketing.

Yes we have a vinyl cutter, heat presses, desktop sublimation printer and embroidery machine.

No, we offer our clients finished branded products.

In some cases when we are supplying a large event our client may have their brand which has been sponsored for that specific event. We are happy to just do the branding on that specific product. In most cases, we are also supplying other promotional products & display items for that specific event so to avoid sending the client away we are happy to keep everything inhouse.

If we have a client that constantly orders on a month-to-month basis and they need a smaller order. We are happy to negotiate with that client, but even in that case we will encourage our client to stick to our MOQ’s

All quotes or orders are communicated via email. We do have a business WhatsApp or a telephone call that can be utilised for general information. All final orders must be placed via email. We do not take orders via social media.

We are always willing to look at your CV and see if there is available employment. Please send your CV to brent@blueprintpromotions.co.za